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Saved by the Horn Saved by the Horn

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that sucked, na I lie

I dig

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Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 80 Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 80

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Interesting animation..

This animation was a bit interesting. I didn't enjoy it though, for several reasons.
-The animation really needs work. Although an actual "animation" was practically nonexistent, the part that did exist was choppy and still. Without sound and an intro (aka, the animation alone), this move possibly would have resembled a turd of the week-esque movie, not to say it was. Yet, the animation was enough to pull through, and though incredibly awful, it contained some style. Hardly any, but the style was there.
-Besides the animation, the art was juvenile. You should not take offense to this, because by the looks of your "art", you probably already know that you're not the best drawer in the world, as shown by this particular example. I have seen many a time your work, meaning your other "Hitler" animations, and the artwork statement is entitled to those animations as well. I'm not going to say it was "bad", because no artwork is really "bad". I am merely saying it needs work, which I will adress in later on.
-The sound really saved this animation. If by some freak accident, the sound had not been put into this animation, the chances of it passing the portal would have been cut in half, if reviewed by honest, half intelligent Newgrounds users (pardon the oxymoron). The reason I say this, is because this animation was based on its music. It, as you know, did not contain a whole lot, yet the sound probably kept the majority of viewers watching. Yes, that is a bad thing, but yes, it can be improved by adding a more heart filled animation, and filling it to the rim with actual animation, not just still frames and music (sounds).
-I would like to also add, that the intro was actually quite interesting, and it was probably my favorite part of the whole animation. Before I continue, I would like to add that yes, I do know the intro is in every ATWI80D movie. In fact, the intro is why, as I review this, I think about adding a "1" to graphics, but one of the main things holding me back is the fact that the intro was in EVERY ATWI80D! Yes, it was part of the animation, but then again, it was just the intro, and it was unoriginal, as it was contained in 79 other of your animations! Yet, it did take time and effort to make (I'm sure), so if there was a .5 for graphics, I would surely add it. Hear you me.

Now, I would like to adress how you can make improvements on this piece of.. Ahem. Work.
-As I mentioned before, the intro was fine for the most part. Yet, maybe each new entry, you could touch it up a bit. Just a spot of advice, it isn't totally necessary, as your other reviews point out, they enjoyed it nonetheless.
-Maybe work on your drawings a bit. I don't know how long they took you to complete, and I'm not going to make assumptions, but they could be cleaned up a bit, I believe.
-Keep working at it! Your animation skills, though much below par (in my experiences), can improve immensly if you keep practicing! I know you probably have an untapped source of animating skill deep down inside! I mean, your idea was interesting, so combine the idea with some good animation skills, and hey, someday you might even be eligable for an award (but don't get your hopes up)!
-The voice quality, though the voice was just present for a short while, could be much better. Maybe buy a new microphone, I can't really help you, but you could probably buy one at Best Buy. It probably isn't the wisest idea to buy your equipment at the Dollar Store, just for future refrences. But it is possible, even with your mic, that you can clear out the fuzziness of the voice. Ask around on the forums, I'm sure they can help you out! I think you have some big fans there, anyways.
-The still pictures are fine, but maybe refrain from making them occupy the majority of the movie. I know I came here to watch actual animations, not just still frames! So add some action into your animations and movies! A still frame just won't cut it, in my opinion.

I'd just like to say I gave you my best advice, hope you enjoy!

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AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

"if reviewed by honest, half intelligent Newgrounds users (pardon the oxymoron)"

That line makes this review abusive as he's insulting the users of Newgrounds. I seem to recall this review having been deleted before as a result of this.

TooF Fassabowl! TooF Fassabowl!

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The Troof about Toof..

You (Logo) probably will not read this, but I'd really respect you if you did.. Alright, here I go.

I watched this whole animation, including the commentary part, and the part where you "wittingly" responded to prior reviews. In all honesty, I did not laugh once. My apologies if I am sounding conceited, but I found the humor annoying and juvenile. It "goes without saying" that the majority of your fans are preadolescent, and that's why this movie appeals to them.

But the truth is, there are many of us here (myself included) who are above and beyond the point where swearing/farting/burping/etc. are still funny. Your movie may be funny to some, but to others, it has us scratching our heads, asking ourselves, "How in Hell is this series so successful?"

To be honest, this movie may not have deserved all the trouble it was given by certain members of the Newgrounds Community. Then again, they are entitled to voice any opinion they care to, after all, this is the internet. Yet, this movie in no way, shape or form deserves the ratings it has been given. It's.. an original idea, but it does not deserve to be in the top 10 on any given day.

The reason I and others hate the Toof Series so much, is their output reflects little input. Your animating abilities are blatantly subpar, noticable in the movies. This reflects the thought(fact?) that you place little time into the creation of one of your movies. That alone should rouse Newgrounds into giving this movie the score it deserves, but no, viewers and fans keep giving it overrated scores and reviews..

What I'm trying to say, is that you are cheating Newgrounds. Newgrounds is a place that I and others like to come to watch good, funny, clever, sometimes violent, original animations. Many of which are submitted every single day. Yet, on the day you submit a Toof movie, you rob these animators of their due views and success. Instead of watching an awsome animation, one that someone might have worked WEEKS or MONTHS on, they go straight to the Toof Movie. Why? Because it has a good score. It's sad, and I KNOW that's not what you're trying to do, but that is the way Newgrounds works...

So in the end, don't stop doing what you do.. Shrug off the people who make fun of you, the movie about how they are jealous was unneeded and made you look stupid and corny. Your movies stink, but I guess they make people happy, and that's what counts, right?